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Certified 5 Rhythms teacher since 2008. Certified OF teacher since 2015. Working member of ICMTA (International Conscious Movement Teachers Association) since 2014.

Conscious dance gave my life meaning. I live more wisely and enjoy the "luxury" of choice and uncertainties mystery.  I am endlessly grateful dance for opening the gates to free and creative life in love, joy and peace. That's why I want to spread  this releasing and meaningful dance farther, and especially here in the Czech Republic where natural opportunities and gifts of life were for decades trampled and twisted. This unfortunately affected not only our present, but also our future. Through dance we can each make for ourselves a step or steps, that can change this unfortunate legacy. This "dance laboratory " is open to all and it is my honor to accompany, encourage and share your unique journey with you. You have my full attention and my unconditional acceptance.

I look forward to meeting  you in  dance.

My resources:

Pranayama yoga and Buddhist Tibetan Mahamudra meditation

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