Peer group

Prague June 19th 2018

You will dance guided by music
of experienced dancers and DJs only.

Movement has the power to express anything. 
It doesn´t matter if you feel sad, anxious or you are not in the right mood –
put your sensations, feeling, thoughts into dance.
It doesn´t matter if you feel tired.
Maybe, you can find new resources.  
Just keep moving, watch what is going on
and stay aware... 

Dance can give you unforgettable experience and new experiencing of yourself.

You are very welcome.


every second Tuesday 8 pm - 10 pm

since January 16th till June 19th 2018

DJ Jakub::
 June 19th  2018 


Bílý sál of studio, 1st floor, Národní dům, náměstí Míru 9, Prague 2 Vinohrady



250 CZK or 10 €



cash on the spot

Everyone can dance
regardless of age, weight, dancing skills.

Do not search for reasons
why to come or why not to come,
just enter the dance and try it on your own.....

Booking not required.