Next step

Haluzice, January 19th - 21st 2018

“Before you take the next step, just pause, listen, breath and step in with awareness.”

Every day we take a next step, but once in a while this one step can and will change our life. Think about meeting a person, marriage or stepping out of a relationship, a new school, a new job or the ultimate step ‘death’. When we take these big, life changing steps we do not know where it will go and how it will change our life. We step into this unknown space and we have to lean on trust and courage only.

What is our next step in 2018?

Something inside of us knows, because we instinctively know where to go. From this instinct we sensate an energetical and physical pull towards that what is right for us to experience.

When we fill our body with awareness, we can hear this calling more clear. We arrive in a place where our body, mind, heart & spirit are connected and aligned.

Through dance we create an open attention to this alignment, so we can enter, explore and express what we encounter during this journey, so we can dissolve it and bring it to a next level of consciousness.

Fri January 19th 6 pm-Sun January 21st 4 pm

residential, including food & accommodation

(in dormitory, bring your own sleeping bag, mattress available)


Workshop payments via bank

185 € early bird before December 15th 
210 € after December 15th

This includes meals and accommodation

We teach in English & Czech 

and both will be translated

information & registration: