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You can watch the video recorded during the workshop Ancient Soul, New Beginnings in Liege (France) in 2017.

I was born dancing across borders:

my own two feet weren't quite sure

they belonged to the French soil they were walking on. They knew mysterious roots were running under the English Channel to London. 

To be born into two cultures is a challenge and a privilege: early experiences of crossing a border, facing the barrier of a foreign language, of the fear of the Other. I discovered the richness and conflicts that are born of this diversity, and eventually found out that I existed beyond borders.

I also very quickly knew that the borders without mirrored the borders within. 

Step by step, I explored the territory, named the countries, drew the maps, learned to dance across my own borders, to glean treasures from both sides. I discovered ways to approach the shadows carried by both my French and English roots, and dance them into the light.

After years of inner journeying through breath, movement, emotions, writing, painting, awareness work, I felt I had accomplished something on a personal level and come to a threshold. I felt ready to open, turn my gaze back out, and take the risk of truly following my feet and my heart. Fresh out of the 5 Rhythms® teacher training, I decided to leave my job as a high school teacher, sell my furniture, and join the big wild dance of Life.

Through the magic of intention, connexions and internet, my feet took me all the way to the Mesang District, a part of Cambodia so impoverished that no tourist ever visits it. On day 5 of this month-long adventure, I am standing on the hard clay soil under the mango trees with 15 Khmer teenagers, my Western music over the sound of the generator, my two hands, the few words of Khmer I have managed to learn so far, and the dance. And the miracle happens: I am held by a something that is way bigger than me, my heart opens, I see their beauty, I see their unique dance emerge from the practice. Through their words I realise that the universal quality of conscious dance has made it across the many borders between my world and theirs. I become a well of overflowing gratitude, I feel as if my whole life has sculpted me into who I am today so that I can be here, right now, with these children.