Dear Dancers,


I am Sietske Venema and I live and work in the Netherlands and abroad.

By following a calling and a passion I became

a therapist and a movement teacher

(5 Rhythms and Open Floor Movement ) 

I love the creative process and the alchemy

that occurs by exploring and integrating the art of conscious movement and the wisdom of body-oriented psychotherapy.


In my teachings I offer a journey of discovery.

An approach that provides ways to connect, express and befriend our inner experiences.

And to get access to insight and meaning so you can take steps and find new answers that can lead toward responding with a fresh awareness to anything you encounter.

That is why I love to offer Open Floor Encounter that is created by Andrea Juan (founder of Open Floor international )

It is a creative designed groups process that dives in a gentle yet powerful way into the ever changing landscape of our human experiences. 


If you are interested to explore in a safe environment ;


*  your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs

 * different parts of yourselves

* to give and receive support 

 * to look into how our actions impact others and other’s actions effect us

 * to witness each other

* to discover new information

* understanding our common human nature


consider to join me in this Encounter Fundamental.


The workshop offers experimental learning, movement, exercises and an introduction to the Encounter process.

 If you have any questions or want more information feel free to contact me