RAB, CROATIA June 28th - July 4th 2020


led by Raduca (Cz) and Saryo (Nl)

Movement is one of our core tools to experience Life in our bodies and this aliveness can thrive this liveliness into Love, laughter, joy and happiness. What us often stops or restricts are our stories in which we believe, the stories which are created throughout our live, form our childhood on. When we practice ourselves in the ability to expand or contract, to move from fixed to fluid, know the difference between to live or survive and see our habits and that we can make choices, we stretch our awareness and become more free in our body, heart and mind. During this week we explore the spaciousness of the dance and with that the spaciousness in ourselves to make the right choices.

Sunday June 28th - Saturday July 4th 2020

During the week there will be much space to dance, to enjoy the beaches and the sun, to eat together, to be alone or with your friends and also to explore the island.