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Just dance!

March 29th 2022

You are very welcome to
regular EVENING classes -
- guided by music, some words and intention
of certified 5 Rhythms and Open Foor
teacher Raduca.

Just enter the dance floor, listen to your body, find your breath and feet and put your body into movement and…. keep moving.
Stay aware, stay present and witness
what is going on and explore it.

Any shape, any rhythm, any feeling are welcome if you respect your limits and others space.
Let enjoy your dance,
deepen your trust in innate movement,
power of dance, wisdom of body
and sense of free conscious dance. 

AND IN ENGLISH in case a dancer need translation

Let me know, please.

on Tuesdays 7:15 - 9:15 pm

since January 18th till June 28th 2022

centrum Místo tance Praha 6, Na Petřinách 82


CZK 300 or € 12



cash on the spot

Everyone can dance
regardless of age, weight, dancing skills.

Do not search for reasons
why to come or why not to come,
just enter the dance and try it on your own.....

Booking not required.