Prague September 7th 2018

In a journey into your Deep Imagination you call out for an animal guide. In opening up and allowing to get to know this inner animal you experience how it is to communicate, feel and interact with this dimension in you, that connects you with an ancient wisdom. 


We will work both lying down (Deep Imagery) and moving (Open Floor) to support deeper energetic processes. Guided movement warms up the body, awakes it on many levels naturally and begins to unite them, so the body is open and ready for imagery journey. 

There will be two journeys into your Deep Imagination, you will meet the animal of your self love and you will meet the animal that embodies and supports you in how you relate and connect to others.

The animal will eventually allow you to merge into its body and to experience the world through its senses and feelings. It will show you, what part of you is ready to grow and how you can  participate in this process through a particular movement. For sure it will meet you right where you are in that moment and support you in your ability to connect to yourself and others.

Through sharing and expressing our experience we get closer to others and inspire each other – we cultivate to listen empathetically.


The final movement part stimulates, transforms and helps to melt the individual experience. It brings the whole process to conclusion and the body to rest. 

Friday September 7th 2018, 2 - 7 pm

​intensive 5 hours (no breaks)

Centrum tance, dancing room 3 

Politických vězňů 28, Praha 1, 4th floor


45€ early bird price till August 11th
50 € later

Working language is English, translated in Czech

information & registration: 

Raffaella Mayana Romieri 
certified Deep Imagery guide 
Personal Totem Pole Process® trainer